Make sure to keep your money out of Trump's hands - join the boycott!

Take the pledge below and hit Donald Trump where it really hurts...his wallet. His tiny, tiny wallet that he picks up with his tiny, tiny hands.

These properties include:

  • Trump Tower - NYC
  • Trump International Hotels - NYC, DC, Vegas, & Chicago
  • Mar-a-Lago - Palm Beach, FL
  • Central Park Carousel - NYC 
  • Trump Casinos 
  • Wollman Skating Rink NYC
  • Trump Winery (Don't worry....Trader Joe's has $3 wine that is both cheaper and tastier)
  • All Trump Golf Courses
  • Donald Trump's Success Fragrance (Smells like cheetos and failure)
  • Trump Financial
  • Trump Chocolate (It melts your economy... not in your hands)
  • Trump Institute
  • Trump the Game (Similar to how he feels about the Presidency.... it's a game)
  • Trump Steaks
  • Trump Vodka (Although you may need it during this presidency)
  • Trump Home
  • Adrienne Vittadini (Formerly Ivanka Trump Clothing Line)
  • The Apprentice (Not even on Hulu)
  • Sentient Jets (I wish we had a sentient President)

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PLEDGE I pledge that none of my money will end up in the hands of Donald Trump or any of his henchmen.